City of Berkeley: Stand Up For Native People

On June 5th, the City of Berkeley will decide whether to turn the West Berkeley Shellmound village site into apartments. If the City sides with the developers, it will erase 4,700 years of history and remove a recognized landmark used for ongoing ceremony and prayer.

This is Berkeley’s Standing Rock.

The City of Berkeley prides itself on being one of the most progressive and inclusive places in the country. Siding with the developers is out of character and out of step with the values of our community. Destruction of the site is the nail in the coffin of the colonization and genocide of the East Bay’s native people. With the decision date looming, it is time to take action and let the City of Berkeley know that if they won’t save the Shellmound, we will.

We need your help to win this thing.

You can show your support by backing the Shellmound Legal Defense Fund, writing a letter or email to City staff or by calling the City Attorney. These direct actions send a strong message of solidarity and show the City that the community is on our side.